FM Solutions2

Thanks to FM Solutions for arranging a private tour! Photo by Bill Hockman

10:16JH Megan and Tyler

This photo (left)was taken by Maribel Moctezuma at J. Harrison Salon on the October 16, 2015 tour. The window was dark when she took the picture.
Photo (right) of guides Tyler and Megan taken by Kay Beale.

Centre Hill eyes

The photo above was taken at Centre Hill mansion by Heather Bruneau on the October 9, 2015, Haunts tour. Notice what’s in the upper left window!

The Courthouse Center Hill Friend House Brickhouse
640px-SouthSideRailroadDepotPetersburgVA Penniston's Alley J Harrison Dodson's Tavern Trapesium House Hiram Haines
Some of the beautiful buildings we visit on the tour. From left: Hustings Courthouse, Centre Hill Mansion, Nathaniel Friend House (Wabi Sabi), Raftery’s Poultry Market and Brickhouse Run (as part of a film set for Mercy Street), South Side Depot, Penniston’s Alley, J. Harrison Salon, Dodson’s Tavern, Trapezium House, and Hiram Haines Coffee and Ale House.

Some images of Haunts gone by.
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